Chronicle of Philanthropy Discusses Importance of Infographics

Chronicle of Philanthropy Discusses Importance of Infographics

Chronicle of Philanthropy Discusses Importance of Infographics

In January The Chronicle of Philanthropy posted the article, “How Nonprofits Make Data Fun and Informative,” which helped to explain how infographics and other visual data storytelling techniques are being used more frequently by nonprofits, and with increasing success. Matthew Scharpnick, the author of the piece, writes, “Put simply, data can be really boring. But organizations can find digestible and compelling ways to show their quantitative results.”

One of the examples mentioned was a Fission Strategy client, Voices for America’s Children. Scharpnick writes that Voices “has created basic infographics that do a good job of bringing personality to topics such as health, education, and government spending.” The series of infographics, created by Fission’s design team, focused on the impacts of cuts to children’s programs that were proposed by the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. Over a dozen of these infographics were created and helped Voices for America’s Children build a complete picture of the investment our country needs to make in order to support our future citizens.

Other organizations mentioned in the Chronicle of Philanthropy article were Product (RED) and Architecture for Humanity, and it was explained how infographics and visual representations of data were successful in brining attention to an important cause that “is far more engaging and efficient than what could be conveyed with words alone.”

Click here to read the full article, and check out the infographics for Voices for America’s Children today!


Update: Voices For America’s Children and their powerful use of infographics has also been mentioned in a second Chronicle of Philanthropy article, “Visualizing Data Helps Charities Get Attention.” The author spoke with Voices chief executive Bill Bentley, who said, “The biggest challenge is finding the data that will convey a charity’s message in the simplest, clearest way possible.”

The Voices infographics campaign was also discussed in the Child Advocacy 360 article, “An Infographic Is Worth Many Thousands of Words: Voices Campaign Wins Plaudits and Platform.” This article discussed how the federal budget debates of last fall put children at risk, and how Voices’ campaign helped to send more than 12,000 messages to members of Congress.

The infographics have also been shown in’s article “How nonprofits should use infographics” and in Community Organizer 2.0’s post, “Infographics For Nonprofits: The New Storytelling.”

Fission is proud to work with Voices for America’s Children and hopes this exposure will help in their mission to helping America’s children succeed!

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