ZeroDivide Releases ‘Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact’ Report

ZeroDivide Releases ‘Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact’ Report

ZeroDivide, one of Fission’s clients, has just released their new white paper, “Funding Mobile Mobile Strategies for Social Impact: The Future is Now,” which aims to expand the conversation around how nonprofits can get more resources into their mobile strategies. Mobile outreach has taken on many forms, and is playing an increasingly significant role in helping nonprofits support their missions. This report argues that now is the ideal time to ramp up mobile usage by nonprofits, as 87% of the world’s population are now mobile phone users.

The report states that as of May 2011, “40% of U.S. residents still did not have broadband Internet access at home.” Many felt broadband was too expensive, including those in communities that are low-income and have higher concentrations of racial and ethnic minorities, the disabled, immigrants, and others. Despite this, “more than 86% of adults in the U.S. own a mobile phone and more than 50% of these are smartphones that can browse the Internet.” Through chapters including “How Communities are Making an Impact with Mobile Strategies” and, “Keys to Success for Mobile Programs by Underserved Communities,” the true power of nonprofit mobile engagement for those who could otherwise not participate is illustrated.

If your nonprofit desires to be successful in reaching larger and more diverse audiences, having a comprehensive mobile strategy is a necessity. Fission knows this through our work with organizations such as Reform Immigration for America. This led us to publish our own report, “Reform Immigration With Your Cell Phone,” which was used as a key resource in the new ZeroDivide report.

Download the full ZeroDivide report here to learn about how your nonprofit organization can make the most out of mobile outreach today!

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