Now Nonprofits Can Increase Donations on Giving Tuesday with ActBlue

Now Nonprofits Can Increase Donations on Giving Tuesday with ActBlue

Now Nonprofits Can Increase Donations on Giving Tuesday with ActBlue

Do you dread waiting in line at the grocery store?  Do you rejoice when you breeze through the checkout line? Few things can be more satisfying than a headache-free purchase, and few can be more frustrating than an unnecessarily complicated one. The roadblocks to handing someone your money are myriad, and can obliterate all the good vibes you had prior to entering the store.

Your donation page is no different than the grocery store.  When your supporters want to give you money, you should make it as easy as possible for them to complete the transaction or your organization may end up with a reputation similar to the post office.  And nobody wants to be standing in line at the post office.  

As Giving Tuesday approaches (November 29, 2016), we hear many non-profits wondering what they should do to prepare.  With year-over-year Giving Tuesday donations growing 52% last year, you certainly want to make sure you are ready to capitalize.  Giving Tuesday is the charitable alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  A day to give to nonprofits after several days focused on shopping. 

This year for Giving Tuesday, we have a new answer for all of the nonprofits with an out of date donation page that you’ve been meaning to redesign for years — use ActBlue to get an optimized donation page up quickly.  Earlier this year ActBlue rolled out their ActBlue Charities offering, making some of the best performing out of the box donation pages available for all 501(c)3 nonprofits!

For nonprofits who aren’t familiar with ActBlue, prepare to be impressed.  ActBlue offers a set of fundraising tools that the Bernie Sanders campaign and thousands of other candidates and organizations have used to raise more than a billion dollars.  Using ActBlue, now 501(c)3 nonprofits can have fundraising campaigns set up in minutes with no limit on the number of pages.  

The benefits of ActBlue are pretty significant, ranging from Express Lane donations for more than 2.5 million donors already on the ActBlue platform, attentive customer service, competitive processing fees, and a donation flow that out competes competitors time and time again.  Below we have compiled some of the reasons you might want to consider moving your donation collection to ActBlue for Giving Tuesday this year.

Put Your Donors in an Express Lane

The “Express Lane” feature is the most impactful for 501(c)(3) organizations — if your supporters have ever stored their information when using ActBlue for another candidate or organization, they can donate to your organization with one click. ActBlue’s “Express Lane” database already has over 2.5 million credit cards securely stored, and this feature accounts for more than 70% of completed donations on the platform.

Furthermore, each donation page is also optimized to make recurring giving easy, and you can configure your donation page to suggest a monthly gift if a particular donation is under a threshold amount that your organization sets.

Many nonprofits struggle to translate email appeals into completed donations, but the speedy “Express Lane” donation process and customizable design can certainly eliminate barriers to donating and boost your conversion rate.

ActBlue Optimizes the Donation Process for Your Nonprofit

Testing the results of all your online initiatives is essential, and ActBlue is continually testing the ideal way to set up a donation page. Using their vast number of user interactions as a base, they test all kinds of theories about how to increase completed donations, and then roll the results out across their platform.

ActBlue told us they have never lost a head-to-head A/B test against another donation collection platform. On top of that, their contribution forms have integrated A/B testing options to help you fine-tune your campaign. Features like these will up your conversion rate and maximize your donations. Reaching your full potential starts with great forms, and ends with consistent testing.

Mobile Giving? Customizable Pages? Yes and Yes.

Baked-in testing and one-click checkouts are just the beginning. ActBlue offers a bevy of features that are designed to take advantage of donation trends and help your nonprofit react to a shifting paradigm. With over 25% of online donations being made through mobile devices, knowing that every donation page created through ActBlue will display and scale properly is indispensable.

Donation pages are highly-customizable with unlimited CSS manipulation and can be built to reflect your nonprofit’s brand identity. The platform also boasts tailor-made social sharing content for Facebook and Twitter. ActBlue’s tools allow for an unlimited number of unique brands, which is essential for targeting unique campaigns or reaching new audiences.

Integrations and Affordability

Data integration processes are also a large part of what makes ActBlue valuable to nonprofits. Integration with major CRM vendors is included, and data is added in real time to Salsa, ActionKit and Blue State Digital. Compliance with Federal regulations for both 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations are streamlined by technical support staff, and your organization’s data can be imported directly into NGP.

Lastly, ActBlue charges a 3.9% commission on your donations, a fee comparable to what many other platforms are charging.  

Why Are You Waiting?

Tons of factors can impact your supporters’ decision to donate online to your cause. A broken donation page should not be one of those reasons.  ActBlue gives you a few less to worry about — no more buggy software, inefficient tools or convoluted processes, with the added benefits of mobile responsive donation pages.

When the perfect fundraising moments arrive, your nonprofit can’t afford to be left in the dust or fail to capitalize. You want your donors to feel great about donating to your cause and thrilled with the process. ActBlue can help you keep the good vibes rolling.

Austen Levihn-Coon @austenlc is Chief Innovation Officer at Fission. Written with J. Marshall Pearson, New Media Intern. Drop Austen a line at austen [at] if you’re interested in getting your donation pages ready for Giving Tuesday!


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