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Story and Video Collection Tool

Nobody can tell your story better than those who are personally affected.

Spotlight: Define American was founded on the idea that being an American means much more than where you were born. Initially launched to collect stories of “How do you Define American?”, the campaign has since expanded to collect stories of undocumented immigrants “coming out." The story tool enables:

  • Supporters to record and upload videos directly from their webcam or phone
  • Administrators to sort and manage
  • Videos that are submitted to be automatically uploaded to the Define American’s YouTube channel
  • The ability to review, approve, sort, and categorize stories on a variety of topics to appear on one or many different story list pages

Spotlight: Type 1 diabetes affects more than 1.25 million Americans. When JDRF wanted to help members of their community realize they were not alone, they turned to Fission Strategy to create their “Who’s Your #1?” story tool. The story tool let’s JDRF supporters:

  • Upload images, text, and videos to be featured as part of their collection of T1D stories
  • More than 2,000 stories have been submitted as part of their campaign
  • In addition, JDRF can export stories by congressional district as a PDF with text and images included for delivery to members of Congress as part of their advocacy efforts
  • Features customized social share pages for each story to more easily share with friends and family

Empower Your Supporters

Nothing is more powerful for your supporters than making them feel like they are heard. Give your supporters the tools they need to tell their own stories and share them with your broader community.

The Power of Community

Capturing the stories of your community and sharing them with your supporters reaffirms their reasons for being involved and can inspire a deeper connection. Integrating social networking functionality can enable new communities to build.

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