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Tweet Power App

Leverage the power of Twitter to put public pressure on decision makers and grow your email list.

Spotlight: With the pending expiration of the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (PTC), the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) asked Fission to create a Twitter app that allows supporters to Tweet at their Members of Congress

  • The app allows for people to ask their members of Congress to support legislation that is essential for the wind energy industry with either pre-drafted or custom Tweets
  • The app also provides the option of sending Representatives not on Twitter an email, helping to ensure that everyone can express their support
  • Tweets and locations of users are then shown on an interactive map
  • In August 2012, the Senate passed an extension of the PTC

Spotlight: When ONE asked its members to send their vaccines message to the White House on Twitter, more than 2,300 ONE members and advocates posted their Twitter message on our national map.

  • Overall, more than 3,200 messages were tweeted. These were tweets from everyday activists like you who wanted @whitehouse (The White House’s official Twitter handle) to get the message that we’re serious about their pledge to fund vaccines that could save up to four million children
  • The best part? It worked. The White House listened and pledged $450M for vaccines at GAVI

Tweet Power App

Make it easy and fun for your members to Tweet at their own member of Congress, a corporation, or celebrity. The app includes a landing page with your logo and colors, Tweet map, congressional targeting, a thank you page and email auto-response, and email opt-in.

Grow Your Email List

Use the Twitter app to get new email subscribers and sync our Tweet Power App with your CRM or advocacy toolkit to have supporters automatically added to your list.  

Randomize Your Message

Use our Twitter app’s message randomization to send a variety of different tweets about your campaign to your target.

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