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We create brands that electrify the identity of an organization on both an external and internal level.

Spotlight: In Spring of 2015, Fission helped transition Forecast the Facts into Our work supported their goal of exposing a broader range of deniers in influential positions, such as politicians, corporations, and celebrities.

  • The foundation of the logo is a geometric rendition of the Enso symbol, made up of multiple lines in different blues, communicating the idea of working together for a common goal. The lines give the illusion of forming a larger circle, representing wholeness and unity. This symbol also abstractly represents the earth’s orbit and when viewed on a smaller scale, apart without the text inside, forms a “C”.
Define American

Spotlight: When Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas decided to “come out” as an undocumented immigrant, he came to Fission Strategy. We helped design a new kind of campaign that would bring his amazing story to light.

  • The base of the organization’s identity is to ask all Americans how they “Define American.” The “?” is the largest element in this logo and strongly emphasizes the question in the viewers mind. The logo displays a range of blues with a red accent as a secondary color on assets such as the website. The use of a variety of blues with red is meant to convey diversity amongst Americans and draws upon the American Flag for colors.
Fight the Fakes

Spotlight: The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) asked Fission to develop a campaign identity and corresponding web presence for their initiative “Fight The Fakes”, a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of fake medicines with medical professionals and patients in communities around the world.

  • The pile of rounded pill shapes in the Fight the Fakes logo conveys the scale of the challenge, with a visual allusion to a needle in a haystack. Layering the words “Fight the Fakes” on top of signifies conquering this larger problem. Fission developed the campaign branding, designed a logo, brand style guide, collateral, promotional material and fully responsive website for this campaign.

We use conceptual ideas as the foundation for our logos, and think deeply about the values and mission of your organization.


We can refresh current identities or create brand new unforgettable logos, style guides, promotional items, and visual messaging that captures the essential spirit of your campaign and make supporters proud to promote your cause. Creating and maintaining a brand consistency between design and message is key. We can create a style guide you can use to easily control your brand’s visual standards and make sure all your content is on point. Through well designed, easy to follow instructions you can quickly onboard any team member that needs to creates content associated with your identity.

Fission also has an extensive background in custom event and promotional product design. Whether its for a one time event, a sales strategy, or a gift for your team, we’ve got your back, literally – we make great t-shirts!

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