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We have the tools, expertise, and experience to bring your campaign to life and get the results you're looking for. In close collaboration with your organization, we make the impossible reality.

Define American Campaign

Spotlight: We helped bring Jose Antonio Vargas's story to light in a way that was personal, and challenged Americans to consider how we "Define American." Two weeks after launch, the campaign’s NYT Magazine feature,"Outlaw: My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant," was the single most shared story on the Internet and went on to be featured on the cover of TIME Magazine. The campaign:

  • encouraged the sharing of thousands of stories of other undocumented Americans;
  • engaged notables such as Stephen Colbert, Hillary Clinton, DREAM activists, and the Republican mayor of Uvalda, Georgia;
  • inspired President Obama’s language in his announcement on immigration policy and work permits for undocumented young people.

Spotlight: Communities United for Police Reform's "WhereIAmGoing" campaign was one of the biggest video campaigns of the year. We designed and developed a video microsite for this campaign, and collaborated with Fenton Communications to provide online analysis, strategic recommendations, and content messaging. This campaign:

  • was featured on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Upworthy (twice!), and other sites
  • collectively received over 282,000 views on the videos, with two of them surpassing 100,000 views each;
  • celebrated major wins during the campaign including a judge ruling that Stop and Frisk violated constitutional rights of minorities in NYC, and the Community Safety Act passed the NYC coucil.

Spotlight: Everytown for Gun Safety asked us to help launch a national movement to wear orange on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. We built a microsite featuring a custom social sharing tool that allowed users to upload a picture of themselves, overlay an orange filter and the campaign’s logo, and share why they were pledging to #WearOrange on Facebook and Twitter. This campaign:

  • earned support from ordinary people across the country for gun safety laws by wearing orange;
  • got politicians, celebrities and athletes — including Russell Simmons, Elizabeth Warren, Katie Couric, The New York Mets and many others — to post photos showing their support for the movement;
  • achieved trending for #WearOrange globally on Twitter.
Planned Parenthood Texas Votes

Spotlight: We helped Planned Parenthood Texas Votes with their Digital Day of Action on May 7th, 2015. In a sprint campaign to build upon their most recent in-person lobbying efforts, we helped them build a Digital Day of Action with a successful Thunderclap — an ideal platform for a short term local digital action.

  • In just one day we achieved 338 actions, reaching over 190,956 people.
  • The hashtag #NoShame was trending in Texas by noon on May 7th and the Thunderclap messages dominated the hashtag #TXLege.

We follow principles of the Lean Startup and Lean Impact models, including Build – Measure – Learn. Your campaign will run like a high-performing startup with exponential growth.

 Causes must connect to the supporters’ social networks for engagement, advocacy, and education to be effective. Let us help you be more innovative, efficient, and successful in your campaigns. We’ll show you how to think like entrepreneurs, learn quickly about what works, waste less, and get information into the hands of your constituents more quickly.

Campaign Implementation includes:

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