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Discovery and Audits

Tap into the data and research you need to increase reach and engagement of your website, application, or online campaign.

The San Francisco Foundation

Spotlight: The San Francisco Foundation sought to understand current opportunities for growth to achieve an expanded base of savvy donors and demonstrate leadership in philanthropy. Fission took a metrics-informed approach by looking first at what is working well and what could be optimized:

  • Researched key online metrics requested by the foundation for strategic planning.
  • Analyzed the website and analytics data to align user flow with key messages.
  • Researched social engagement with a variety of tools to show what messaging & platforms are working well.
  • Conducted CRM and email analysis to make recommendations for streamlining segmentation.
Pachamama Alliance

Spotlight: Pachamama sought to generate greater brand awareness of the organization and update its online presence with vibrancy that matches its mission. Fission conducted an audit to show where to optimize the online presence.

  • Mapped digital influencers relevant to Pachamama.
  • Analyzed the website and social analytics, with particular attention to spikes in traffic and engagement.
  • Made visual identity and branding recommendations.
  • Set recommended goals and metrics for the organization’s communication channels.

Spotlight: Presente, a tech-savvy organization that advances Latino power and creates campaigns that amplify Latino voices, came to Fission to understand the digital impact of their campaigns and where the gaps are.

  • Conducted an organizational analysis of staffing structure, competencies, workflow, and capacity.
  • Reviewed current benchmarks and set goals for supporter growth and engagement.
  • Analyzed current and past performance of online web and social platforms.
  • Analyzed communications through email, social media, and SMS.
  • Assessed how current digital activities compare to organization’s current goals.

We conduct in-depth discovery into your organization to audit what’s working with your online presence now and where you can optimize to reach the next level of movement impact.

We work with you to understand how your current technology is working, what your new technical and staffing requirements are, which CMS or CRM would best suit your specific needs, and how best to manage your resources, assets, allies and opponents online.

Audits are one of our most popular deliverables. Our audit services usually cover:

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