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Fission is one of Facebook’s® only Preferred Marketing Developers that specializes in nonprofits and causes.


Spotlight: As Fission is an official Facebook Media Solutions Partner, we have access to public posts across the globe directly from Facebook and be able to use them for many purposes such as a public opinion aggregator. Greenpeace came to Fission in need of a customizable social media app that pulled in posts across social media channels and could be specific to certain set of hashtags. We designed for them a modern and responsive app with parallax scrolling that would pull tagged posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and could be repurposed by various Greenpeace regions to use for region specific campaigns and events. Features of this app include:

  • Aggregating cause-related public posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and displaying them in a feed;
  • Parallax scrolling and responsive design;
  • Modular layout zones and popups for microsite customization.
Boreal Manitoba

Spotlight: Boreal Manitoba created a survey designed to educate and attract advocates to the cause of saving the Boreal Forest in the province. Through a combination of initial discovery, powerful graphics, and accurate audience targeting, we exceeded the number of surveys started by 400% of the original goal in less than two months. With our engagement, we:

  • Exponentially increased web traffic - ⅔ of respondents came from Facebook Ads
  • Built a custom audiences to reach highly specific desired demographics
  • Used visual storytelling as a basis for strategy through attention grabbing share images

Spotlight: We used our Preferred Facebook Developer expertise to create an interactive giving tool, which supports the world’s top cancer researchers to find a cure. The site asks users to give one coin for each of their Facebook friends – and to invite their social media networks to get involved. This concept builds on the latest cancer philanthropy research showing we are more likely to give when cancer touches our family and friends. In this project, we:

  • Designed and developed scroll-triggered animation with full customization that is linked to the user’s Facebook account;
  • Created a step-based donate flow that lets the user share their donation in honor of a loved one;
  • And incorporated a dashboard that encourages users to get their Facebook friends to donate as well.
Global Teacher Prize

Spotlight: Global Teacher Prize came to us as a new social media presence. We developed content and share images for them to use daily and have attracted over 60,000 new likes and followers from around the world to their Facebook page in just one year. During this project, we:

  • Provided creative, tone-appropriate content every day;
  • Recommended new tools like external video and photo apps to continually engage an audience;
  • Managed the community management with fresh original content and curated content.

Spotlight: Our friends at Teach Pitch offer a free platform for teachers to connect with each other and find relevant learning materials. Through strategic audience targeting and A/B ads testing, we initiated their ads program and trained their team. Within 3 months, sign ups increased over 300%. During this project, we:

  • Provided social media and ads training with detailed documentation;
  • Trained Teach Pitch on the ins and outs of social ads on Facebook;
  • Achieved high conversion rates — for the price of a gourmet latte, our conversions averaged at over 100/week on a small test budget.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted each year on Facebook engagement that misses the mark.

We provide insights into your organization’s Facebook outreach strategy, and work with you to create powerful campaigns with compelling copy and design. We use cutting-edge social integration via access to Facebook’s APIs to create social-powered sites catered to the audiences you wish to serve and within your budget.

We also offer many subofferings, including but not limited to:

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