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How can you tell if your message is reaching those who matter? We conduct social listening with and other tools to combine data mining, influencer engagement and marketing automation to help you reach your most powerful supporters faster and at scale for more powerful movements.

Case Study 1: Moms Rising

Spotlight: MomsRising – a transformative online and on-the-ground multicultural organization working to end discrimination against women and mothers – used to launch a super-successful online campaign. MomsRising wanted to back up the parents and children across the country who put on their superhero capes to gather in-person at the offices of U.S. senators in hopes of protecting America’s children and families from toxic chemicals. In this project, we:

  • Used to target the most enthusiastic and likely supporters from amongst their list.
  • Had 100% conversion for their campaign action!
Case Study 2: ONE Campaign

Spotlight: When the White House considered scaling back its investments in lifesaving AIDS treatment, the ONE campaign felt that would put the progress made to ending AIDS in our generation on hold. So they got their members to send a Valentine’s Day card to President Obama asking him to sustain funding to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Using, we:

  • Invited their most engaged members on Twitter and Facebook to take various actions, among which was sending an e-card;
  • Helped ONE increased their social connections by 10,000 members;
  • Helped ONE received almost 1,000 tweets for their Valentine’s Day AIDS campaign.


Identify your Audience and Influencers!

Leveraging the power of, Fission can help to turbo-charge your ongoing digital engagement by matching email subscribers on your list to their public social media accounts. Unlock the new force of individuals from your existing audience who have their own audiences & supporters in social networks. This helps you super-segment to better select and automate email & social media messages to your audience members based on their social media use. drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your quiet supporters into vocal advocates. This tool shows organizations what people in your CRM are saying on social media, and lets you target them with personalized messages. Used by over 150 brands, companies and organizations to identify 20 million+ influencers – including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), SEIU, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, ONE Campaign, Greenpeace, Gates Foundation, Color of Change, Avaaz and the Washington Post – is the ultimate plug and play CRM for next level online  influencer targeting, social matching and listening, and message personalization.

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