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We design and develop unique, modern, mobile-optimized websites that push the frontier in user experience and functionality for nonprofits, foundations and advocacy campaigns on any internet-enabled device.

Faces of Fracking

Spotlight: Fission Strategy designed and implemented a fully responsive website for Citizen Engagement Lab to share the stories of people impacted by fracking. The project, titled Faces of Fracking, is designed to encourage sharing of all story content including text, sound clips, and professional photography. In this project, we:

  • Designed fresh and modern story pages that are mobile-responsive and feature parallax scrolling;
  • Developed a bilingual site that can easily switch into Español;
  • And integrated the online sharing communities Soundcloud and Flickr’s Creative Commons;
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Define American

Spotlight: In 2015, Define American came back to Fission Strategy and asked us to freshen up their website.
With this redesign, Define American hopes to increase the number of immigration stories submitted through the website, with a main focus on video uploads. In this project, we:

  • Created a custom story tool built using the YouTube API and synced with DefineAmerican's YouTube channel;
  • Redesigned their donate page with new CRM integration;
  • And incorporated clean modular responsive design with features such as embedded video, parallax scrolling, and a fly out navigation menu.
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Spotlight: Starting with a guided discovery process, we uncovered the goals and inspirations for the new look and feel for Then, leveraging creative technology as well as providing a meticulously organized feedback process, we were able to deliver stunning designs that dramatically increased the visual impact of their brand. In this project, we:

  • Created fresh new set of web templates that incorporated new logo elements throughout;
  • Reconceptualized how longer term campaigns and quick actions were organized and displayed on the new site;
  • And designed the templates to be fully responsive and easy to interact with on any device,
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ONE Campaign Nelson Mandela Landing Page

Spotlight: Nelson Mandela is a revered symbol of freedom and progress globally. With news of his failing health, Fission and the ONE campaign set to work to prepare to celebrate his life. Fission worked with ONE to create a special homepage view that all new visitors to would see on their first visit after the death of Nelson Mandela. In this project, we:

  • achieved more than 70K+ shares in the days following his death;
  • Designed and developed the memorial page in multiple languages and to be mobile-optimized;
  • And were available for rapid response and launched the memorial page within hours of Mandela’s passing;
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Honest Tea National Honesty Index Microsite

Spotlight: Fission worked with Honest Tea create an online Honesty Index to find out how you measure up compared to a friend. Honest Tea had set up unmanned kiosks "selling" cold HONEST® beverages on the honor system to see how honest people actually were when no one appeared to be looking. We helped Honest Tea develop a game for users to see how “honest” they were based on the data collected at the kiosks. With this project, we:

  • Designed an easy ipad app to help Honest Tea collect data while monitoring the kiosks;
  • And designed and developed a responsive two-step interactive infographic that is easily sharable on social media.

Spotlight: Since its conceptualization through the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation in 2011, Fission has embedded with US Ignite to establish its brand and story, build its website and create a vibrant online presence, conduct media outreach, and lead the coordination of its public launch at the White House.

  • This site promotes the collaboration and entrepreneurship of developers interested in using next-generation technologies (like gigabit to end-user, local cloud, and software designed networks) to create next-generation applications that will transform how we live, work, learn and play.
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Everytown Animated Infographic on Mass Shootings

Spotlight: On average there are more than 20 mass shooting in the United States every year. When Everytown wanted to create a powerful animation to visualize the deadly effects of mass shootings and make sure it was easily shareable and accessible on mobile devices they turned to Fission Strategy.

  • Using real data on mass shootings we designed key frames for the animation as well as a full storyboard.
  • Our team of developers then built the animated map with graphics and transitions that convey the gravity of these events.

We collaborate creatively with our clients throughout the entire web design process — from visioning & concepting, wireframes and design mockups all the way through development, QA, and launch.

 In our hands, your website will: highlight your work with powerful content, great visuals, and a clean look and feel; promote ease of use while accommodating organizational goals through smart content architecture and planning; tap into the latest in CRM & social integration for dynamic functionality; and reach supporters on all devices by optimizing for all device platforms using responsive design. Do you already have a CMS you love, or looking for the CMS to fall in love with? No problem. We are experts in all the latest content management systems. We can enhance what you have now or find the system that is right for you and allows you to connect with your audience at the speed of your cause.

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