What is Hustle.Life? And can you do the Hustle?

What is Hustle.Life?  And can you do the Hustle?

What is Hustle.Life? And can you do the Hustle?

Featured image: “The hustle” by George Kelly via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

You may have heard of Hustle, the new organizing app that some of the country’s leading advocacy organizations are using to empower volunteers across the country and mobilize thousands of supporters.

If you want your supporters to be involved with your campaign, forget phone banking and email — text messaging is where it is at. SMS open rates continue to remain around 98%, because anyone receiving a text message is likely to look at their phone almost immediately.  Hustle is leveraging the power of SMS to spur action, combining 98% open rates with a scalable messaging tool to enable a new model of grassroots organizing.

The Hustle.Life app gives organizations and campaigns the ability to delegate SMS outreach and communication management to an army of organizers and volunteers, complete with sample messages to use.  The real power of the tool comes from creating one-on-one relationships between supporters and representatives of your campaign through text message.  This brings the power of old-fashioned in-person organizing to an easy-to-use SMS platform. It aggregates data, syndicates content, and allows organizers to track their relationships with supporters as they cultivate them.

How does it work?

Hustle divides control over your SMS campaign between Admins, Organizers, and Supporters.  Admins import and export lists, manage the Organizers, and set up sample messages for Organizers to use.  Most of this work is done through the desktop interface.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.03.20 AM

Use the desktop interface to set up campaigns,
create goals, and provide instructions for organizers.

Organizers use the Hustle mobile app to communicate with their list of targeted Supporters – usually based on location so that they are communicating with people who live in their towns or neighborhoods. Organizers receive sample text messages from Admins (for example, they may receive separate sample content for Supporters who have been contacted before, and those who have not). Organizers have the ability to edit or customize this content to better fit their personal voices.  After customizing their message, Organizers can then send text messages to the target contacts by swiping left or right.

Supporters who receive a text message from an Organizer using Hustle will have no idea that the messages are coming from Hustle, because they come from a standard 10-digit telephone number in an area code as close to the Supporter’s location as the Hustle system can achieve.  This phone number will be the same for future messages coming from the same Hustle Organizer, but will vary if messages from multiple Organizers are sent to the same Supporter.

Hustle does not yet have syncs set up with CRMs, but it is on the roadmap. For now data can be manually imported to keep a comprehensive picture of the constituent relationship in one place.  Currently, in order to message contacts, you must import groups of Supporters from your CRM based on your chosen segmentation criteria, and then send the lists to your Organizers to message.

Here at Fission we are big fans of expanding your impact through empowering your supporters and distributing organizing responsibilities to volunteers. We’re excited to see how Hustle helps to facilitate even greater grassroots progressive power.

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